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Market Opportunity 

For many manufacturers, the only thing worse than a machine breaking down and bringing a production line to a halt is when it happens while short on staff. Every minute of lost production really counts, but few companies can afford to have a full range of technical experts available or wait for traditional recruiting channels to find the right candidate.

Patrick O’Rahilly founded FactoryFix to give manufacturers a flexible workforce of skilled technicians and engineers who are available at a moment’s notice. Described as an “Uber-like service to hire skilled manufacturing workers" by Crain's Magazine, FactoryFix has hundreds of specialized experts in skilled roles such as mechanical engineers, industrial electricians, machinists, and technicians. 


While focused on helping customers and building its network of experts, the FactoryFix team worked with a freelance developer to build out a pilot version of its on-demand platform. The pilot version was helpful to validate the business, but it was an expensive and slow process to build every feature internally.  

In February 2017, FactoryFix tested the GrowthClick platform and saw a clear  opportunity: deliver a better user experience and get to market faster with the existing GrowthClick platform, without the cost and delay of building everything from scratch. We migrated FactoryFix’s data, added essential features to our core platform, and launched the new FactoryFix App in just 6 weeks. 

The FactoryFix App has several features including:

  • Customers can browse and filter factory experts by skill category, view their profiles, and post jobs and project requests to one or more qualified experts.
  • Experts can receive project requests by SMS alert based on matching skill categories, location, and availability settings.
  • Experts can respond to customers with custom hourly quotes, use secure messaging to coordinate delivery details, and track time for billing purposes.

Iterative Improvements

Since launching the FactoryFix app, we’ve added several new features based on user feedback. This includes an improved job bidding process, better expert profiles with social media sharing features, and smarter matchmaking based on each expert’s availability.

From a GrowthClick perspective, we’re excited that FactoryFix is so popular and that we can help FactoryFix deliver a much faster and easier experience than traditional recruiting channels.

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Client Perspective

“Tom and the GrowthClick team are an absolute pleasure to work with. They invest significant time every week into learning about the nuances of our business, so that they can tailor their solution to fit our industry. 

I highly recommend any entrepreneur that is starting a company in the on-demand space to start by using the GrowthClick platform. You’ll have a platform with all the major features you need on day 1.”

Patrick O'Rahilly
Founder & CEO,

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