Imaginect: Part-Time Employees On Demand

Imagine! is a private, not-for-profit organization that serves thousands of people with developmental and cognitive disabilities in the Boulder and Broomfield communities of Colorado.


With low unemployment rates and rising demand for home care, Imagine!’s local pool of full-time caregivers and service workers is in short supply. The Imagine! team realized that their ability to serve the community was limited by labor capacity, based on a traditional model of set shifts by full-time employees.


Mobile apps such as Lyft, Uber, and Task Rabbit are examples of how an on-demand strategy can open up new labor markets. With a shortage of local full-time employees, Imagine! saw an opportunity to expand its labor pool with part-time, on-demand employees from non-traditional labor markets such as college students and retirees.


Imagine! first clarified their system requirements and then evaluated several on-demand software companies. Kevin Harding, Director of Information Technology at Imagine!, explains that “GrowthClick was selected based on their experience in the on-demand app market and the fact they had an existing app that met most of Imagine’s needs.  Imagine! was looking for fast turnaround and not having to start from scratch was a big plus.”

We created and delivered the Imagine! app in less than three months including several new features to meet Imagine!’s specific requirements.

  • New Users can register online and indicate their availability to help with simple tasks such as cooking, cleaning, personal care, or janitorial duties.
  • Existing Imagine! employees can post task requests and notify on-demand employees with a text message or push alert based on their skills, availability, and location.    
  • Employees can assign tasks, track time worked by task request, and approve timesheets for payroll reporting. 

Branded as Imaginect, the app is being rolled out in phases starting with the first set of users at one of Imagine!’s residential sites. Imagine! plans to use Imaginect to expand their workforce for a wide range of day services for adults and children. Over time, Imagine! may also explore the possibility for families to request services and coordinate with Imagine! employees directly through Imaginect. 

What We Delivered

  • Imaginect iPhone App launched in Apple App Store
  • Imaginect Android App launched in Google Play! Store
  • Web application for mobile and desktop users
  • Imaginect logo design


Imaginect Logo Design:

Client Perspective

“GrowthClick is not your typical application development company, they deliver on time and on budget. They were responsive to our requests and even added additional functionality we could use that wasn’t in our original specification. We will definitely use them for any future projects.”

Kevin Harding
Director of Information Technology, 

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