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From household chores to moving and delivery, OfferPost is an easy way to get help with everyday tasks from local people who can help. Starting in Oahu, Hawaii, OfferPost lets you both outsource everyday chores and earn extra money while helping neighbors.

OfferPost is unique because users can post an offer with an amount they would be willing to pay to get something done. For example, you could offer to pay someone $40 to clean a 1 bedroom apartment. Local helpers then get notified of the posted offer with a push alert and can respond to confirm their availability at the $40 price, or they can send a counter offer. Every user on the platform can act as both a customer and a helper.

Once the user chooses a helper with an agreeable offer, the OfferPost app collects payments to be stored in escrow using PayPal’s Braintree ecommerce service. Funds are released to the helper once the customer has confirmed that the job is complete.

Working directly with OfferPost’s founder, John de Paulis, we designed and delivered OfferPost as a custom mobile app for iPhone and Android users. We developed the app using Ionic 1 and Angular 1, which are Javascript frameworks that let us create the app with a single code base instead of building the app in a different language for each platform (e.g. Swift for iPhone and Java for Android). Choosing this approach has allowed us to focus on a better overall user experience and create more features. OfferPost has since been successfully launched in the Apple App Store and Google Play!

Key Features 

  • Users can post offers for cleaning, furniture assembly, delivery of household items, help with moving across town, and handyman chores. 
  • Helpers browse offers on a map, get instant alerts of new offers based on skill and location, and respond with pricing for each offer posted. 
  • Users and helpers can negotiate by sending counter offers, text, and photos back and forth through an in-app messaging feature.

With 5 star user ratings, shared Facebook friends, and escrow-based payments, OfferPost is a smart alternative to traditional classified ads and job sites.

Project Delivery

  • OfferPost iPhone App launched in Apple App Store
  • OfferPost Android App launched in Google Play! Store
  • Branding, logo design, and website creation at

Screenshots WordPress Website:

OfferPost Video Tour

Client Perspective

“Working with GrowthClick has been a pleasure. From start to finish each project phase was completed on time within budget with great results.”

John de Paulis
Founder, OfferPost 

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