Ski & Snowboard Instructors On Demand


When learning to ski or snowboard, a great instructor can make all the difference, but it comes at a heavy premium when booking through most ski resorts. As a customer, it would be ideal if you could hand pick your instructor based on their experience, price, and ratings. As an instructor, it would be great to have more choice over who, when, and for how much you provide instruction

Rebecca Yip, an experienced startup founder in San Francisco, saw the opportunity on a trip to Lake Tahoe: Launch an Uber style platform that connects students with ski and snowboard instructors at popular ski resorts. 

Market Testing

It was a great idea, but would customers go for it? There was only one way to find out. Rebecca launched a quick landing page and advertised through several channels including Facebook, Google, Craigslist, and social media. In just a few weeks, Rebecca had done enough market validation to move forward with the project. 

Minimum Viable Product (MVP) Platform 

After evaluating several on-demand systems, Rebecca selected GrowthClick’s turn-key platform to launch a Snow Connect pilot or MVP (Minimum Viable Product). In Rebecca’s own words, she “compared the options and all alternatives would cost thousands more and would take at least 2 months of development time. It was a no brainer to choose GrowthClick for MVP purposes.

While we created the Snow Connect app, Rebecca operated the business using email and phone to confirm and organize lesson bookings.  

We clarified the essential requirements for Snow Connect and launched the Web App in just 6 weeks including: 

  • Instructors can set up a profile with their services, list pricing, and location, and get notified of new instruction requests with SMS alerts.
  • Students can browse ski and snowboard instructors on a map, view their profiles, and post requests to one or more qualified instructors.
  • Instructors can provide students with custom, fixed price quotes including add-on services such as lift tickets or ski rentals. 
  • Students and instructors can coordinate directly with in-app messaging and customers can share payment details through Stripe ecommerce. 


Client Perspective

“Tom and GrowthClick were a pleasure to work with. As a big believer of the lean startup methodology, we wanted to build a MVP with essential features in the minimum amount of time.

 I compared solutions from local SF development firms, dev shops in SE Asia as well as other white label marketplaces online. GrowthClick came out top on both value and speed. 

As a cherry on top, I was pleasantly surprised once we started working together how communicative and timely Tom and his team were. My prior experiences with development firms involved myriads of headaches from long lists of bugs, endless back and forth iterations, to poor communication and service.

Tom and his team produced a great product, took the time to explain the technicalities behind it, and were incredibly understanding of our needs. So much so that they even agreed to build a number of custom features on top of their core platform! I would highly recommend Tom and his team at GrowthClick for any development needs.”

Rebecca Yip
Founder, Snow Connect

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